Writing Archives

“Arts in Mind” Columns

This column covered arts and arts education in the Mill Valley Herald from 2006-2009. I got to edit wonderful guest columnists, as well as write columns of my own, which taught me first-hand what a creative community Mill Valley is.

Artist Evan Bissell Leads, Creates and Inspires, Dec. 2008

142 Throckmorton: Thriving Theatre in Mill Valley’s Hub, Nov. 2008

Homestead Valley’s Rich Art Heritage, Part 2, Aug. 2008

Homestead Valley’s Rich Art Heritage, Part 1, July 2008

Enjoy Summer’s Long Days of Creativity, June 2008

Old Mill School Mural: A Labor of Love, May 2008

Mill Valley Philharmonic Brings Music to the People, Feb. 2008

Mill Valley Welcomes Music Teacher Phoebe Dong, Jan. and March 2008

The Unconscious Poetry of Children, Dec. 2007

Open a Book About Art, June 2007

Poetry Marries Head and Heart, April 2007

Steve Coleman: Making Theater Magic in Mill Valley, Part 2, Dec. 2006

Steve Coleman: Making Theater Magic in Mill Valley, Part 1, Nov. 2006

My Life in Music, Oct. 2006

Music and the Brain, Feb. 2006

Essays, OpEds & Letters

A Bit of Whimsy Belongs in Each Life

Time for a Shuttle in Mill Valley

Diligent Stewards of Open Space

“Bay Area Moms” Columns

This column was syndicated from 2002-2008 on 3 radio station web sites. I got to cover fun family activities, in nature and at home, and, as a result, was never short of ideas for my own family.

(This section under construction)

Out and About in the Bay Area

Ice Skating in the Bay Area, Jan. 2007

Farms and Harvests, Oct. 2006

San Francisco’s Cable Cars, July 2006

Tidepooling, June 2006

Wildflower Walks, March 2006

Monarch Butterflies, Nov. 2005

Bay Area Factory Tours, Dec. 2003

San Francisco Chinatown Walking Tour, Jan. 2003

Fun at Home

Gardening with Kids, July 2007

Host a Valentine Tea Party, Feb. 2007

Holiday Gifts to Make, Dec. 2006

Host a Fall/Winter Party, Nov. 2006

Bubble Fun, Sept. 2006

How to Run a Lemonade Stand, Aug. 2006

Healthy Walking for Families, May 2006

Celebrate Chinese New Year, Jan. 2006

Winter Crafts, Dec. 2005

Fall Frenzy, Sept. 2005

Stretch Out the Summer, Aug. 2005

Everyday Sacred, May 2005

April Fool’s Pranks, April 2005

Family Card Night, Feb. 2005

Summer Crafts, Aug. 2004

Jam Making, July 2004

Farmer’s Markets, June 2004

Dealing with Cliques, April 2004

Kitchen Science, Feb. 2004

Other Adventures

Choosing a Great Camp, March 2007

Train Travel, July 2003

Travel Games, June 2003

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