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Your host, Suz Lipman, is a Northern California writer, soap crafter, jam maker, scout leader, dancer, hiker, reader, gardener, retro enthusiast, community activist, Slow proponent, cheese hound, wife and mom. She currently writes as the San Francisco Slow Family Life Examiner at She is also the Social Media Director for the Children & Nature Network (, which encourages and supports people and organizations around the world to reconnect children with nature.

Suz’s column, Bay Area Moms, ran on and other web sites for five years, helping families find fun activities in nature and at home. She is at work on a novel and numerous other projects, which have taken over most of the flat surfaces in her home. Because Suz adores history, her projects and recipes tend to be served with a dollop of lore.

Please take a moment, have a seat on the porch, gather some ideas, and add your thoughts to the mix!



Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman & Michael Lipman


20 responses to “Your Host

  1. What a cool web site…. Yes I agree with how you felt in high school. Gosh in some ways we have come a long way with some tv but reality tv
    yikes 🙂
    As far as cheese i am so in love with goats cheese and when I was In Arcata CA i went to visit where they make Humbolt Fog and others
    yummmy… and I also love the Spanish Basque shepards cheese they have at Trader Joes.
    I sure would love to have a wine and cheese party with you Suz!!!!

  2. Thanks, Cyndi! It’s great to see you here. I share your love of honest TV (vs. “reality” TV) and also of Humboldt fog and other CA goat cheeses. Yes to that wine and cheese party. I’d love to have one right now.

  3. Hi Suz,

    It’s Jessica from the MV Chamber. I love your blog! I had no idea we were so like-minded about nature, the environment, using one’s feet for pleasure (and, I think the now political statement of simply being outside)! We are both on the breakdown committee (you’ll find out more soon) at the MV Wine & Gourmet. Please be sure to say hi.


  4. Hi Jessica! Great to see you here. And wonderful to know you are another kindred spirit. I’m looking forward to spending time with you Sunday.

  5. Hi Suz,
    Is this your house? It is so gorgeous! Do you really live in a forest on the edge of this beautiful meadow? If so, believe me, you shouldn’t envy my garden.

  6. I saw a lake here too. Do you live on the edge of a lake? It gets better every minute!

  7. Hi Aura. We do live in a forested area with bays, redwoods and oaks, though not the one in these pictures. (These lovely pictures were taken in Lake Tahoe and on an island in Maine. The sunset is in Vancouver.) I’ve been posting about the deer on our property — they are very plentiful this year — and you can see some of our little forest in those pictures.

    I do live in an area where we can easily get to mountain trails, a beach, a city, or any number of little towns, so I feel extremely fortunate.

    Your garden is pretty astounding!

  8. The photos above just made.. me… sigh.

  9. Wonderful work, Suz. Thank you for putting something out there that encourages us to come back down to earth! I am sure it’s a labor of love but it’s well-appreciated. xoxo

  10. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for coming by, and for your lovely comments. I love your writing and photography on your ReadingWritingLiving blog. You’ve been busy! I hope you’ll keep us posted from time to time on your art and life — and about your girl and her first apartment. (!!)

  11. Jenny! It’s so great to see you. I’m honored that you stopped by and know we share a lot of thoughts about quieting down, making things, and being with beauty and with one’s thoughts. When I was at your house in New Hampshire, all I could do was envision sitting at the kitchen table doing crafts during a quieter winter than we tend to get in California. (I know you may have gotten your fill of kitchen-table crafting over some long winters ..)

    Are you still making your beautiful jewelry? I always love to wear the piece I bought from you and get many compliments on it. I hope you’re well. Thanks again for the nice note.

  12. So happy I discovered your site. I love your beautiful house – must be a great view from the porch! I’ll be back frequently! Cheers, Sandy

  13. Hi Sandy! Welcome. I’m so glad you came by. I love your blog. The photos are beautiful and wonderfully laid out, and the recipes all sound so good. I want to make everything!

    I do have a great view from both porch and deck, into northern California’s giant redwoods. We just built my daughter a treehouse in one of them and I’m going to be posting some pictures.

    The photos on this page were taken on an island in Maine and in Lake Tahoe, CA; I have inspiring, expansive woods views instead of these lovely, peaceful water views. We’re home to families of frolicking deer, and a pair of Northern Spotted Owls, both of which I posted about.

    I hope you’ll visit often. Likewise I look forward to checking in with to see what you’re up to!

  14. Hi Suz,

    I have read your stuff in other places and had not yet discovered your website! I’m so glad we found each other on Twitter!

    Your website is so full of great info and I just love your photos. Awesome job. I look forward to many more “slow” visits here.


  15. Hi Theresa! It’s so great to see you here. I’m also glad to have discovered you and your Living Homegrown Fresh blog. It’s so full of wonderful information about and love of canning and gardening. I subscribed and also added you to my blogroll. I look forward to many more inspiring visits, especially as we get into serious growing and preserving season.

  16. I seen your last article had link to a blog. Pretty impressive homework posted here. I’ll have to save this spot or “Notify”.

    I think you’ll enjoy my latest article ” “Yellowbottom & Kids Play”

  17. I have been enjoying your articles, Dave! Thank you. I especially like your recent Earth Day reflections and all the great ideas you have for things to do outside in OR! Terrific.

  18. Hi Suz,

    What a wonderful website! I love your mantra about trading frenzy for fun. Spending time together and slowing down.

    I look forward to reading more from you.


  19. Hi Amy! Welcome. I love your blog and am glad to be introduced to it. I found every one of your posts inspiring, refreshing and practical. I added you to my blogroll, and basically followed you all over the ‘net. (Facebook, Twitter ..) I look forward to lots more correspondence and sharing ideas. I’m really glad you stopped in and said hi!

  20. Hi Suz, I love this site. There is so much here that I instinctively agree with and I used to have time to do! This is the irony — as my kids have gotten older, living a slow family life is so much more difficult. We don’t want frenzy, yet we do want our sons to pursue their passions. They are athletes, musicians, and fabulous students. Consequently, they have concerts, competitions and homework.

    I am sure there are other parents who feel as I do that dinnertime and Sundays, at a minimum, should remain family time. But in our frenzied world those that make the schedules often can find no other time available but dinnertime and Sundays. We try to buck the trend, but it is hard to say “no” all the time.

    We are skiers and one of the great benefits of skiing together is that when we travel to ski, the boys are in the car with us, talking, sharing and sometimes just daydreaming out the window. Friends ask us how we can spend so much time skiing — but really it is time together that no one else interrupts. Sure we meet friends and family on the slope, but there is no electronic interference, so conflicting schedules, no demands we feel we must respond to NOW.

    Your blog has given me new inspiration. Just the little I’ve read so far, and I’m ready to recommit to being a slow family again….at least until I have to drive the lacrosse carpool after school.

    Thank you for doing this.

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