First of Spring 2011, Larkspur, CA

Woman in electric blue Mary Janes reading a paperback while walking

Bunches of boys on bikes

Cucumber seedlings set out at the market

Small girl with flower-ringed bun being walked to ballet

100 year old pocket park

Metal chairs on front porches

Cupolas, a flag in the breeze

Dinner special on restaurant chalkboard

Old couple walking with canes

Smell of wild onions

Crack of baseball bat on ball

Dappled sunlight


Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman


5 responses to “First of Spring 2011, Larkspur, CA

  1. Gorgeous. I agree, spring is a time of fresh starts and hope above all else. 🙂

  2. Love all the photos and especially the fence with blue flowers!

  3. Hi Karyn and Cowgirl! Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comments. Happy Fall and Spring to you! There is certainly a fresh-start feeling here and it was definitely in the air on the blue-sky day when I took a serendipitous walk in a neighboring town. I felt especially alive to the simple and lovely sounds and sights of ongoing life. In the midst of the world’s natural and man-made struggles, it made me feel optimistic.

  4. Love your photos, beautiful! Great website.

  5. I want to go to Larkspur! Not only is that my favorite flower, it looks like a cute little town. Happy Spring!

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