Photo Friday: San Francisco Storefront

San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood is perfect for strolling and for conjuring just a bit of San Francisco’s Beat era history. Our family ends up there a lot. We peruse the small shops with their arcane displays. We get fresh-baked biscotti in Italian North Beach, or dim sum in neighboring Chinatown. We buy beads and postcards, leaf through records in low-ceilinged store basements, where milk crates are stacked floor to ceiling and a person can barely squeeze between the stacks. Among the old, there’s always something new. A fresh look down a street that winds all the way to the Pacific Ocean, or up at a line of laundry blowing in the breeze between buildings. I hope the arcane and the lovely find you, wherever your travels take you.

Have you seen and photographed something unusual, whimsical, beautiful, or otherwise interesting in your travels? Has anything surprised you or caused you to pause? Or have you simply experienced a small, lovely moment that you wanted to capture? If so, I hope you’ll share with us by leaving a comment with a link to your photo. I look forward to seeing it!

Michele at Fun Orange County Parks has gotten the ball rolling by submitting a wonderful, magical picture. Thanks for playing, Michele!

Photo by Susan Sachs Lipman at Gallery 28

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9 responses to “Photo Friday: San Francisco Storefront

  1. Yay! I love your photos (and dim sum). Here’s mine for this week. I ended up finding some old playground photos of me and my sis which took me on a little stream-of-consciousness journey through my playground days.

  2. Suz, I want that typewriter! Lovely evocative post. Thanks for sharing your simple pleasures. xx

  3. Hello, Michele and Caro! It’s wonderful to see you both here.

    Caro, thank you for your sweet note. I love old typewriters (have one around here somewhere) and so many vintage things, many having to do with type and design. Wonderful that in these modern times, we can access so many images from the past! I always enjoy reading about your simple pleasures as well.

    Michele, Thank you so much for sharing your own photos and memories, here and on your blog. As I commented on your blog, your post and pictures conjured so many memories for me of my beloved elementary school playground:

    I remember the rings (and having blistery hands, which earned a sort of bragging right), and the monkey bars, and hanging upside down and doing flips off them. (This probably wouldn’t be allowed today.) And all the games! Kickball, handball, four-square, tetherball. I don’t remember the need for parents or teachers to intervene – just lots of play.

    Later, when I took my daughter’s girl scout troop on a camping trip, the girls ended up playing tetherball for hours! It was a reminder that such simple things can be a bit unusual in our kids’ lives. Thanks for sharing from your childhood and offering a fun reminder about the importance of simple playground play.

  4. I love this photo. It says so much and that typewriter is to die for. I’ll leave a photo for you next Friday. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Valarie! Thank you so much. I adore the typewriter and am glad you do, too! I also love your very expressive and beautiful blog and look forward to seeing your photo. I’m so happy you came by!

  6. I love the photo! I hope I will get a chance to visit San Fan soon!

  7. Hi there, me again,
    I love the casual way you mention strolling about San Fran’s North Beach…to me that sounds very cool and exotic – our moment of wonder this Christmas (and summer) holiday was seeing some dolphins guide/boss some whales out into the open sea and away from danger. I’m not techno-savvy at all but you can see the photos on my post: When the Whales came. 🙂

  8. Oh, yes love the photo by the way. Just got caught up in the vision of strolling around San Fran…

  9. Hi There and welcome, FinallyFast and Kloppenmum!

    Kloppenmum, I really enjoyed your blog, photos and advice. Thank you so much. That is a great moment of wonder — they are truly all around, aren’t they? Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I hope to see you again soon. (And, North Beach is indeed magical, even if you happen to live nearby. I even worked there for a while. It never gets old.)

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