Celebrate National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

January 15 is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day. Why not enjoy some strawberry ice cream? According to Ice Cream Journal, the earliest ice cream flavors were vanilla-based with fruit mixed in. An early adapter of this was Maryland Governor Thomas Bladen who, in 1744, began serving strawberry ice cream to dignitaries and guests.

There are tales of ice cream coming to us from ancient Rome and China, but Zinger’s page on ice cream history dates the creamy concoction to 1600s England.

Probably like you, I had no idea there were so many official U.S. food holidays. I found this food holiday calendar, along with another list of national food holidays. Food holidays, recipes and food trivia also abound on a fun blog called Foodimentary. So, not to worry, if you’re reading this late. There is probably still time to catch National Fig Newton Day.

Photo: Public Domain


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