Consumed by Soap!


Hi everyone! We got so busy making soap for a big trunk show tomorrow that I’ve been a bit absent from the blog. There are so many craft and recipe ideas, Slow Food trends, and other fun things I am eager to tell you about when I have a moment. The trunk show is in Mill Valley, CA, for those able to swing by. (I can e-mail the address.) We’ve been having a lot of fun with new and favorite designs and scents. See our Bubblehead Soaps web site for pictures, prices and descriptions.

Above: Four Seasons, packaged together or separately, in fresh, seasonal scents and colors.

Below: Freshly poured: Kitty cats in calico, black or brown.


Another one so new it’s not on our web site yet, Man’s Best Friend:


We’ve also been making lots of holiday favorites, like Gingerbread folks, which look and smell like the real thing:


.. and snowflakes, in lots of wintery scents and designs:snowflakesoap1

Hope to be in touch after the trunk show!

Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman

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