Camping Trip: California’s Eldorado National Forest


I just got back from a mother-daughter camping trip in California’s Eldorado National Forest. It was a new spot to me, and I highly recommend it. It’s a classic high-altitude conifer forest setting, in which every camp site is near a reservoir, lake or creek. Campers can fish (there’s a supply and bait store within the forest), swim, boat, hike, or bike on paved trails. Water and toilets are close. Facilities are well-maintained. The forest has a general store. It’s all located a little more than 3 hours from the Bay Area, northeast of Placerville and west of Lake Tahoe.

I felt immediately relaxed in the peaceful setting that provides something for everyone and ease of doing it. Our particular campground was called Wolf Creek, and was one of many on the Union Valley Reservoir. We could still see snow in the Sierras.



A bike path ran around the reservoir.


Here are the girls in the reservoir.


There was a lot of bonding, in the water and in the tent. (As well as a few hands of poker.)


Anna and Camille made beaded message bracelets and lanyards.


Anna was the camp cook.


Food just tastes better when made and eaten outdoors.




Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman


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