Sonoma-Marin County Fair Opens Today


The Sonoma-Marin Fair is here!

I love county fairs, and we in the Bay Area have an abundance of great fairs to choose from. Because it straddles two counties that each have a fair later this season, the Sonoma-Marin Fair can be overlooked. This fair, in Petaluma, has been my family’s favorite for years.

All your fair favorites are here: a midway with tons of traditional food, like corn dogs and funnel cakes, good rides for all ages, carnival games, food and animal exhibits, live music and performances, and lots of special contests. Over the years, we’ve seen sheep shearing, cheese carving, cow milking, hypnotists, and contests for everything from gathered wool to painted shoes.



The Sonoma-Marin Fair has a down-home feeling, which is in keeping with Petaluma’s farming and historical roots. There are a lot of animals to see and activities for small children. It’s also not as large or crowded as some other fairs, making it particularly appealing for families.

The Sonoma-Marin Fair is in town Wednesday, June 24 through Sunday, June 28. We plan to be there opening day and will report back.

For directions, hours, events and more, see the Sonoma-Marin Fair site.

See you on the midway!


Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman

4 responses to “Sonoma-Marin County Fair Opens Today

  1. David Wilson

    I sure like county fairs. That one looks like just the right size. Where I live we have the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. Not being a native of Minnesota, I don’t quite get it. Everyone from all over the state shows up. If I skip the fair, people look at me as if I’ve come from another planet.

    Nice photo.

  2. Hi David. Thanks so much! I bet the Minnesota State Fair is great. I’ve been to the California State Fair, which is large but wonderful. Each county has a display, and there are 58 counties in the state. I’d love to travel to other state fairs.

    You may just prefer the relative calm of county fairs. And having just come from one, I can sure attest to that. Is there one near you that you like?

  3. David Wilson

    Yoohoo Mrs. Bloom!! … I mean Mrs. Lipman…I plan to go to the Anoka County Fair this year. It’s just to the north of Minneapolis. I have a friend who lives on his farm there. Smack dab in the middle of suburban sprawl and year 2001 chaos, is his organic veggy farm. It’s the family homestead that his ancestors founded in the 19th. century.

    I visited him yesterday. I’ll take any excuse to go to the farm or to visit with him.

    If you listen to Garrison Keillhor on National Public Radio, then you will recognize this place as “Lake Wobegone.”

    We drive pass the weird Anabaptist church that figures prominently in his stories.

    In fact, my friend Brucie is Keillhor’s cousin. We always have a laugh about that. Brucie says: “Little Gary Keillhor. Who would have thunk it?”

  4. I will definitely picture you at the Lake Wobegon-esque Anoka County Fair. I’d love to hear more about both the farm and the fair. What kind of veggies does your friend grow? What are the special features of the fair? (Every fair has some.)

    Have fun!

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